Video Nasties Podcast

Looking at all 72 films from the Video Nasties List


The Video Nasties Moment Book Available Now

coverThe Video Nasties Moment: Examining The Films Behind The Scare by Christopher A Brown.

Using notes from the podcast and additional information from the media at the time. The Video Nasties Podcast host Christopher Brown publishes a book looking at all the 72 films on the nasties list and their impact on society.

Read cuttings from the media scare stories, find out the stories behind the moviemakers and delve further into the grimy world of the decade’s greatest moral panic. Each of the films is covered in detail, along with trivia, reviews, expert opinion and a taste of the controversial scenes each contain.

The Video Nasties Moment is available in: HardbackPaperbackePubKindle, iBooks, Nook


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