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Looking at all 72 films from the Video Nasties List

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Incredible video nasties newspaper scans project

the-controversy-00-630-75Rob from has created an incredible resource for fans of the video nasties. A 330 page load of scans from newspapers of the time. It’s a wonderfully detailed PDF and something that is fascinating to read. Go over here to take a look.

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Video Nasty reviews from Monster Monthly magazine which were published back in 1982

Massive thanks to Jim Moon from the Hypnobobs Podcast and Hypnogoria website for these reviews from the Monster Monthly magazine back in 1982, which he managed to rummage out from his impressive library.

The journalist Phil Edwards reviews a host of Video Nasties on these scans including  The Beyond, House By The Cemetery, Possession, Visiting Hours and Nightmares In A Damaged Brain.