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Looking at all 72 films from the Video Nasties List

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Certificate X Presents Night of the Bloody Tapes

certificatexProviders of quality exploitation and horror nights Certificate X in Manchester has announced its annual Halloween celebration. Certificate X Presents Night of the Bloody Tapes is a horror triple bill with a video nasties theme.

The list of movies from Certificate X Cult Film Screenings include Sam Raimi’s legendary The Evil Dead (1981). The under-rated psycho-slasher Nightmare Maker, a lost classic that is still awaiting a re-release in the UK. (And in my mind the one film not on DVD from the last that really should be) And a secret, as yet unannounced, director’s cut of a classic from the list. Continue reading

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One Way Static Records Releases Last House On The Left Soundtrack

lasthousevinylAdding to the boom in soundtracks being given a loving reissue on CD, cassette and vinyl One Way Static Records has released the wonderfully moving and eclectic soundtrack by David Alexander Hess for Last House On The Left.

As varied in tone as Wes Craven’s notorious nasty from 1972 Hess, who plays to brutal Krug in the film, created a real gem. Unlike many other companies that release they albums just on vinyl this release has also been made available on CD and digital download. Continue reading