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Looking at all 72 films from the Video Nasties List

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Possession (1981) Blu Ray Review

Possession 1981With its arthouse stylings, BAFTA and Palme d‘Or nominations, as well as a thoughtful, but bizarre, delivery Andrzej Zulawski’s 1981 Possession was an unfortunate film to end up on the video nasties list.

Much maligned, it was banned in the UK and, when released in the US, faced more than 30 minutes of cuts. The film has more in common with Lars Von Trier’s Antichrist, rather than The Omen, but the movie was re-edited to ramp up its horror themes losing much of the its power and sense. Continue reading

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Ban This Sick Filth – Internet Censorship And The Video Nasties

the-controversy-00-630-75It was a with a wry smile I read the transcript of David Cameron’s speech today. History is repeating itself.

With the news that the Government is aiming to censor the internet it’s worth the Video Nasties Podcast taking a little look at what’s happening and drawing a few parallels between today’s announcement and what happened 30 years ago.

David Cameron’s speech can be split into three aspects; Continue reading

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Chris is interviewed by Complete Sentences Podcast about Night Gallery

rjEC0IaBefore the Video Nasties Podcast Chris spent two and a half years writing The Night Gallery Podcast about Rod Serling’s 1970s show. Here he speaks to Ty and Rocky from the Complete Sentences Podcast about the programme and his feelings on it before discussing a little about the Video Nasties.

For the first time Chris goes into detail about his favourite Night Gallery episodes and and how the podcast came into being in the first place.

Click here to take a listen.

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Some new promo pictures for the website

Here’s a few promo images I’ve made for the website.

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Video Nasty reviews from Monster Monthly magazine which were published back in 1982

Massive thanks to Jim Moon from the Hypnobobs Podcast and Hypnogoria website for these reviews from the Monster Monthly magazine back in 1982, which he managed to rummage out from his impressive library.

The journalist Phil Edwards reviews a host of Video Nasties on these scans including  The Beyond, House By The Cemetery, Possession, Visiting Hours and Nightmares In A Damaged Brain.

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Chris interviewed by The Double Negative Arts Website

logoThe movie and arts website The Double Negative has interviewed Video Nasties Podcast host Chris Brown about his newly launched podcast and website.

Chris talks about his nostalgia for the time, his plans for the podcast and tries to explain the allure of some of these films.

He also explains his feelings on the cultural significance and impact of the Video Nasties furore to the Liverpool-based website.

Click here to take a look