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One thought on “Blood Feast trailer

  1. Just posted this to Facebook: “I hadn’t seen (1963) “Blood Feast” since the late 80’s. My memories of it were foggy. I remembered it being boring. There was a scene where a girl’s tongue get’s ripped out. I just rewatched the film (via YouTube). I wasn’t bored. I was much gorier than I remembered. It had a very likable low budget feel. The plot is goofy but I didn’t sit down to watch “Citizen Kane”. The film makers are in on the fun as well. The look of the killer is great. His eyebrows are mesmerizing. Said to be the first “Gore” movie. Director Herschell G. Lewis made a sequel in ’02 (Haven’t seen it). Enjoy.”

    Not super insightful. As always,I can’t wait to hear your thoughts.

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