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One thought on “Mardi Gras Massacre (1978) trailer

  1. Watched this one yesterday,posted this on my Facebook wall.
    “Because I’m trying to keep up with Video Nasties Podcast. Coming up is 1978’s “Mardi Gras Massacre”. It’s a remake of “Blood Feast” with disco music. Our killer always kills in the same way which doesn’t always make for a great slasher. The cutting of the victims torso is grizzly but by today’s standards a bit fake looking. A fair amount of female nudity held my interest for a while but even that couldn’t help. The scene where he orders a soon to be victim Chinese food had me snickering to myself. Some of the dialog is priceless. This movie would only be good to see with friends and plenty of beer, to give it the Mystery Science Theater 3K treatment.”
    P.S. Wished I mentioned the music more. Very oddball mix. I actually liked the more eerie music.

    Again good luck with this one my friend , Rob

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