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Certificate X Presents Night of the Bloody Tapes

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certificatexProviders of quality exploitation and horror nights Certificate X in Manchester has announced its annual Halloween celebration. Certificate X Presents Night of the Bloody Tapes is a horror triple bill with a video nasties theme.

The list of movies from Certificate X Cult Film Screenings include Sam Raimi’s legendary The Evil Dead (1981). The under-rated psycho-slasher Nightmare Maker, a lost classic that is still awaiting a re-release in the UK. (And in my mind the one film not on DVD from the last that really should be) And a secret, as yet unannounced, director’s cut of a classic from the list.

A quality way to deprave and corrupt yourselves. Organisers promise there’s goodie-bags and free candy for all pre-paid ticket holders plus clips from, and trailers for, various horror, cannibal, zombie and gore themed ‘nasties’ throughout the night.

Plus there’s a licensed bar to quieten your nerves.

The night is at 2022nq, 20 Dale Street, Manchester, M1 1EZ. Tickets cost £5. All details on the Facebook events page here.

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