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4 thoughts on “Video Nasties Podcast – The Last House On The Left

  1. Well…Shit on me. Sorry Chris. “LHOTL” is one I was ready for but missed posting. Being a creature of habit I was waiting for the trailer to post my thoughts. Didn’t want to post on the soundtrack post due to the “sappy” comment. Anyway this is from my FaceBook page from January 18,2012. “I just watched 1972’s “Last House On The Left”. I rented it (I think 1990 or 91) right after I had seen “Henry:Portrait Of A Serial Killer”. Watching “Henry”,really made me nauseous. It’s a great film,where the violence is very real. It’s an A+ movie that I haven’t seen since. I don’t think it would affect me the same way today,but I like the fact there is a movie I have a bit of fear of. A couple days after “Henry” I tried to watch “LastHOTL” but I was super sensitive about what I was watching. After a couple decades I gave “LastHOTL” another shot. This didn’t have the same punch. Being wise too the fact that the lead bad guy (David Hess,who passed away last Oct) wrote the (sappy) music,kind of took some steam out. Speaking of music, there is some straight up pratfall clowny music near the beginning(doesn’t help the mood). Two cops who are bumbling idiots are present for comic relief(stops the mood). The scene were the bad folk and girls parents are eating is surreal. Are they eating with a black curtain around them? I didn’t hate the movie. I think it’s pretty good. It has many flaws but still worth a watch. I guess Wes Craven admits to have ripped the idea of the movie from Bergman’s 1960 “Virgin Spring”. Now I got another on my list”. Sorry Chris!

  2. I’m on day turn. NOOOOO way I’m going to see “Cannibal Ferox” with the the wife at home. The last podcast about “LHOTL” was really great. You seemed a bit more laid back. I’m guessing because your more familiar with this movie. Something I didn’t add to my really liked the acting. I remember reading in the past that the acting was shit. The look on David Hess’ face after the murder has always stuck with me. It’s just those GodDamned cops. WTF!

    • Cheers mate. That’s very kind of you to say. I’ll have to be shoehorning a Ferox screening in myself at some ridiculous time in the morning probably.

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