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4 thoughts on “Video Nasties Podcast – Cannibal Ferox

  1. I didn’t see Cannibal Ferox. I didn’t know it also was “Make Them Die Slowly”. Right before I got a VHS recorder ( that was in early ’84) a school friend had me over. His dad had a few tapes with movies on them. He told me his Dad had one that he wouldn’t let him and his brother see. “Make Them Die Slowly” was that movie. His slightly older brother told me he watched about 10 minutes of it when his parents were gone. I don’t remember what exactly he said,just remember it horrified me. When I did get a VHS my friend said he could probably get the tape out of the house. I declined,using my parents as an excuse. The fact that his Dad had bad penmanship only added to my fear of this tape.

  2. This is less a review of “Boogeyman” more of an admission of seeing the movie. Posted this on my FaceBook May 10,2012 : “1980’s “The Boogeyman” starts off Halloween. Sharp turn into Amityville. It sorta ends in a Exorcist vibe. The supernatural Final Destination type of killings are down right silly. Ulli Lommel directed. Only ever saw one other Ulli movie, “Zombie Nation”. Well I saw 20 minutes of it. Boy,that was a stinker. Mark this off my list of watched “Video Nasties”. And yes,I have a video!” It’s been about a year and half since and I can’t remember that movie at all. Great stuff Chris.

    • Was the sequel for The Boogeyman prosecuted in any way?

      • Yes it was on the list. The heavy amount of the first film got it on there I think. Both films dropped off the list by the end of the panic though which means they were not successfully prosecuted.

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