Video Nasties Podcast

Looking at all 72 films from the Video Nasties List

2 thoughts on “Video Nasties Podcast – The Bogey Man

  1. Great show Chris. “Love Camp 7” has got to be the biggest piece of crap on the list. I was pretty sure I saw this one. Checked YouTube to be sure. It’s under “Nazi Love Camp Classic”. I can usually find one good thing about a movie I hate,not this one. The plot could be written on a matchbook with room to spare. I personally am not a big fan of torture movies. This has a fair amount,but it’s acted sooooo poorly you could care less about the victim. Saw this movie during a time when I had to finish a movie that I started. I believe this movie lifted the self imposed burden. After watching “Love Camp 7” I said “never again”. P.S. I challenge you to get 20 minutes on this one. And you can’t play the intro 11 times! I really can’t wait to hear what you have to say. Good luck my friend!

  2. Great show as always, got my Ulli fix. Thank you for the mention, as well! Derek and Clive still drawing attention makes me smile. So, you’re covering Nazi softcore next week… Good luck, mate. Makes you question humanity, doesn’t it?

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