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One thought on “Video Nasties Podcast – Blood Bath

  1. Hey Chris,
    I had tried watching “Don’t Go Near The Park” on two occasions and just could not finish it. Both times I fell asleep around the 20 minute mark. I looked for it yesterday but it must of been in the ones when my basement took water. I’ll wait to hear your review before I put it in my Amazon shopping cart. Is this one cart worthy? Watched a clip on YouTube,I just can’t imagine it’s a gem.

    P.S. Finally watched “Contamination”. Italian goopy gore with some nutty dialog. Re-listened to your podcast on the movie. I’m in agreement with you on this on. I got a laugh when you mentioned “people bulking up a bit” before they die. A couple scenes guys have on a big box to contain animal guts. Good fun.

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