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Video Nasties Podcast – Cannibal Terror

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iconnew150The French have a go during the cannibal boom. It doesn’t end very well

Here’s the link to the Die Traumlande (The Dreamlands) trailer as mentioned in feedback

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One thought on “Video Nasties Podcast – Cannibal Terror

  1. Hey Chris. Thought I had “Cannibal Terror”,I did not. Sorry, I could not contribute. To be honest,I was a bit thankful.

    From my March 4th FaceBook post.
    Re-watched (1981) “Dead & Buried”. Directed by Gary Sherman who also directed the really cool (1973) “Raw Meat” (which freaked me out as a youngster). There are murders in a small East coast town. Sheriff Dan has to figure out what is going on. Oh,and the people who are killed are coming back to life.

    This is a good one. This is more “Twilight Zone” then “Dawn Of The Dead”. More twists and turns then 4 M. Night movies. Why are these people killing outsiders? No bad to report. Maybe a tad slow in the middle (it was actually ok with me). My DVD is from Blue Underground and it’s a bit grainy. A couple sources say it’s the best version out. Why isn’t Gary Sherman directing Horror?!? It’s a Watch.

    Did some counting. I think you got till September before you run out of Video Nasties. Maybe it’s the extra bad Winter,but it put me in a fowl mood. I hope you continue casting in another Horror topic. Would love to know your take on the current state of Horror.


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