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One thought on “Unhinged (1982) trailer

  1. Hey Chris,
    Here is my poorly written review from FaceBook on March 14.
    “Re-watched (1982) “Unhinged”. It’s the story of three girls who have a car accident in a remote wooded area. A Mother and daughter take them in and care for their wounds. Sounds good, but this made the British Video Nasties list in the 80’s.

    Ultra low budget movie. Acting can be rough. Can be slow. There is a final reveal and your like,that’s it. OK.

    It’s not good by anybody’s scale,but it does have it’s charms. The cheesy 80’s synth score warms my heart. Even the stilted acting can be appealing to me. None of the actors went on to have much of a career in acting. Not sure I would suggest this one as a watch. Not horrible.”

    Chris I thought you might want to here how I got my DVD of “Unhinged”. Went to my local mall(I’m guessing ’05 when it came out). Used to be a store called Suncoast that sold movies. I was looking through the Horror DVDs. The young guy stocking shelves asked me if I heard of “Unhinged”. I had not. He told me that the distributor gave them a box of them my mistake. He said they were going to put them out for 3 dollars. I bought one. Went back about a month later. Ever single copy was still there. Went back a few weeks after that and the price went down to a dollar,at least more then half were gone. Poor “Unhinged”.

    Loved the “Toolbox Murders” show.

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