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One thought on “The Funhouse trailer

  1. Hey Chris,
    Posted about Funhouse on my FaceBook page August 19,2012.

    Tobe Hooper directed 1974’s “Texas Chainsaw Massacre”(one of the best horror films). He also directed 2004’s “Toolbox Murders”(one of the worst). 1981’s “The Funhouse” falls in the middle. Well,slightly better than middle. Four teens stay after hours at a carnivale funhouse. They shouldn’t. The gang sees something bad go down(that’s a good scene)The mutant who is chasing them down is wonderful. A must see baddy. The scene at 4:18 was gratuitous and I’m asking you to shield you’re eyes. I bought a cheap Universal 4 movies on 2 discs. I actually bought it because “Phantasm 2 was part of the pack. The menu is screwed up and will only let me play “Funhouse”. Nuts.

    Well Chris,I haven’t re-visited this movie since. Was thinking about the Blu-Ray.
    Hope you mention the young Brother busting in on his teen Sister in the shower. That was a bit odd.

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