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2 thoughts on “House By The Cemetery trailer

  1. Hey Chris,
    Just a couple thoughts on Fulci’s “House”. I original saw this on a very dodgy pan & scan VHS in the late 80’s. The picture was so bad I stopped it 3/4ths in. At that time I thought that I would never get to see this one. Thankfully, DVDs came along!

    Last year I bought the Blue Underground Blu-Ray and really love it. Bought it in November and watched it three times already. Good interviews. Fun to see the kids today. Poor Giovanni Frezza (Bob) always takes a good beating by Horror fans. I had a Horror Fanzine from the early 90’s that featured a giant article about why Giovanni is the worst actor of all time. It was for the most part just for laughs but give the poor kid a break. I know Bob has the most inferior dubbing of all time. For me this movie is a total home run. Think I’ll watch it again tonight.

  2. Since I listened to your post “Evil Dead” show again I thought it was worth mentioning that I liked it quite a bit. The perfect bar conversation. Great show.

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