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One thought on “Video Nasties Podcast – Zombie Flesh Eaters

  1. Hey Chris,
    I know this is a bit early. Hope your Holiday goes well. Posted this on my Facebook page yesterday.

    Yesterday morning I started watching (1980) “House On The Edge Of The Park”. A minute in and we have a violent rape. Oh boy,this is going to be a tough one. Star David Hess of “Last House On The Left” fame, plays nearly the same creep in this movie. Two working class guys go to a party with some rich people. All involved are crummy. After a poker game goes bad Alex (David Hess) ruins the party (with violence & rape).

    Trapped in a house with two guys holding people hostage, not my kind of movie. It’s a ugly movie where a Silkwood shower still makes you feel filthy. What helped me through it all was that most of the actresses looked bored. If actor David Hess (not the character) had a straight razor to my throat I would be nervous. While the film contains zero humor the twist at the end made me laugh. A true,”You’ve got to be joking” moments.

    Set in New York it was actually filmed in Italy. I enjoyed seeing familiar faces from other Italian films. Watched an interview (DVD)with Hess. The interviewer asks if the woman he raped at the beginning is his wife. He asked that they not talk about it. At the end of the interview they talk to her. She admits it is her but is not thrilled about her involvement. The film was also a banned UK video nasty.

    As always,can’t wait to hear your comments.

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