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One thought on “I Spit On Your Grave trailer

  1. I wanted to say more about this film but work & the mundane aspects of my life haven’t given me a chance. Quick thoughts: I live near Chicago. Film critics Roger Ebert & Gene Siskel had a local show (later syndicated) called “Sneak Previews”. I can still remember the extreme anger over “I Spit On Your Grave”. Roger called (then very popular DJ) Steve Dahl’s radio show to tell his audience what garbage this movie was. This had a lasting effect on me. I assumed this was 100% shit. About 3 years ago I saw it on DVD for 3 dollars and picked it up. Since 1980 I have watched A LOT of really bad movies. I don’t consider this to be one of them. I did find the rape scene to be ghastly. In fact, I admit to fast forwarding. Don’t tell anyone but…I kind of liked the rest of the movie. It’s an ultra simple revenge flick. Perhaps if I saw this in 1980 I would of felt different.

    Sorry Chris, I could not get through “Revenge Of The Boogeyman”. The original is shit. Tried to be a good sport and watch “Revenge”. I was home alone and scream out loud twice. I was going insane. I then noticed I hit the 15 minute mark. Yuck!

    Sometimes I think about you seeing these movies more then once. I start to cry.
    Don’t Know How You Do It,

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