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One thought on “The Driller Killer Full Movie

  1. Hey Chris,
    Been a while since I watched this one. Thought I should give it a second viewing. I posted the review on Facebook.

    “Last of the movies covered for the “Video Nasties Podcast” is (1979) “Driller Killer”. Starving artist Reno (played by the films Director Abel Ferrara) is becoming unhinged. Maybe killing some homeless people would help.

    I originally watched this movie a decade ago. It didn’t do much for me. My reaction now is only slightly better. Think “Taxi Driver” meets (78) “Toolbox Murders”. Reno has had enough. What with the roommates who are lesbians, not having money, and the shitty punk band practicing next door non stop.

    The Good:
    Abel’s performance is alright. There are a few scene’s where you roll your eyes back. There are a few scenes where Abel is eating. These are easily the grosses parts of the movie. The music was (mostly) really good. The film also has a few well placed shots.

    The Bad:
    Most of the acting stank. The punk band sucked. It didn’t help that there were long scenes with the band playing.

    I don’t hate this movie. I think it’s quite alright. Not on Netflix. It’s on YouTube. I have DVD with commentary from the director. He seems a bit wasted. Thought that was really entertaining.”

    I know there is one more show but,I can’t believe it’s really over.

    Your Nasty Friend,

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