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One thought on “Axe (1974) trailer

  1. Here are some thoughts I had about “Axe” (posted on my Facebook on June 18th,2013). Saw this movie a couple weeks ago but time has been the tyrant lately. Wish I wrote two weeks ago because 1974’s “Axe” left little impression. Three “bad” guys kill a handful of people in town. One person is a store clerk which gave the movie it’s only real effective scene. Her humiliation and death are disturbing. The gang holds out at a secluded country house. The house is occupied by Lisa and her nearly comatose Grandfather. Lisa is a young girl on the brink of taking her own life. Lisa is extremely vulnerable and knowing these guys you imagine the absolute worst. Maybe she will use the “axe” that was previously her tool for beheading a chicken. The good: It’s mood is creepy. The camera has movement. Some scenes where not much is going on there is a sense that it may (maybe I should of just said tension). Actor Jack Canon was good as the main creep. The bad: One of the bad guys in the gang was not so bad. Why was he there. Lisa was such a plank. I had very little feelings for anyone. I remember thinking after it was over, well it least it was barely an hour. I was kind of shocked it was on the Video Nasties list.

    P.S. The Ghastly Ones Podcast was great. Chris, I think the show just keeps getting better. I bought The Something Weird DVD a few years back but never watched it. A few months back I got water in my basement. That DVD along with (maybe) 20 others went into the garbage. I was hoping someone posted it on YouTube but no luck. As usual, after listening to the podcast I need to see that one. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts.

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