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3 thoughts on “Nightmare Maker trailer

  1. Hey Chris,
    Guess I had a few things to say about this one.
    Watched (1982) “Night Warning” (aka “Butcher, Baker, Nightmare Maker” or “Nightmare Maker”) over a week ago. Hope my mind didn’t screw up the details. The movie focus is on Billy (Jimmy McNichol) a High School Senior excited about his chances at a basketball scholarship. This whips his Aunt Cheryl (Susan Tyrrell) into a frenzy. Aunt Cheryl has been taking care of Billy since he was a baby. Billy’s parents were killed in an auto accident. At this point Aunt Cheryl’s fears of being alone completely take over. Her goal to keep Billy at the house quickly involves murder. Billy now must deal with the police who think he may of killed a man.

    This movie made it to the Video Nasties list. I’m guessing showing Billy’s parents death scene raised an eyebrow or two. I’m pretty sure one of the “Final Destination” flicks had a very similar kill. The Bad : The detective handling the case played by Bo Svenson was a bit much. I thought the movie didn’t need the angle of a crazed homophobic cop. He was such a creep he became the villain. Most of the direction was bland. Had a real TV movie look about it. Jimmy McNichol was just ok. It don’t think he was bad,it’s just he was…just ok. Some of the reveals at the end were odd. The secret room in the house made me roll my eyes back. The Good: I really liked this one. Susan Tyrrell’s performance was off the charts nutty. It was Joan Crawford fun. This really was her movie. Julia Duffy from Newhart played Billy’s girlfriend was 30 in real life. Thought she seemed a tad old, but who cares. Julia has a topless scene so all is forgiven. A 27 year old Bill Paxton plays Billy’s basketball teammate who hates him. That’s a storyline that didn’t go anywhere but it was fun to see Bill Paxton in ’82. I’m kind of shocked this movie never made it to DVD.

    Here’s to your New Year, Rob

  2. 3 years before “Night Warning” Jimmy & sister Kristy. Great stuff.

  3. There are strong rumours this is FINALLY getting a DVD release by the end of this year. Hard to believe that every copy that exists out there right now was taken from a video tape. I would/will? 100% buy this if it returns. One of the better “nasties” for sure.

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