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2 thoughts on “Video Nasties Podcast – The Burning

  1. Hey Chris,just listened to “The Burning” podcast while cleaning my driveway from a foot of snow. Chicago & NW Indiana are experiencing some very nasty weather. It’s 0 degrees outside and the wind is as nasty as any of the torture thought up in “Hostle”. Tomorrows high is -11. Thanks for the mention. Sounds like we shared the same opinion. Just re-watched “Cannibal Apocalypse” on Youtube”. Saw it sometime ago. While I do love John Saxon I don’t have much love for this one. The premise of cannibalism is rabies-like is an interesting plot point. I was wide awake at the beginning but fell asleep twice tonight. I liked “Rabid” better. I understand this film has it’s fans. Would love to hear a different opinion.

  2. Hey Chris,

    Colin again. Just writing in reference to your mention of the Video Nasties book you quoted on the show. I also bought it, in paper form (as I collect books on horror cinema, especially extreme horror) and friggin hell that’s one horrible tale of an innocent man’s treatment at the hands of the movie police.

    It’s almost unbelievable now that people like this poor guy had their lives ruined over films which are (largely) available today uncut on DVD and even on Netflix. It raises a question too that maybe these folks should now be recognized as having been mistreated due to middle class paranoia and gutter press witch hunts (driven by people like that crazy mare Mary Whitehouse).

    I have the only review (at time of posting) up of the book on amazon, but for anyone looking a personal insight into just what the “video nasties” fiasco entailed back then, this is a good place to start. The sad thing was, old Harry tried his best to co-operate with the law the whole way through the case but it still looked as if they wanted to hang him out to dry. Like I said in my last mail, the ridiculous censorshit of UK viewing still makes me sick to the point of anger. I can buy anything abroad uncut I like, own it as I like, but if I were to dare try and sell it (let’s say, my uncut Human Centipede 2 DVD) openly here I actually (still today) could end up getting prosecuted for “supplying obscene material” – I mean just imagine having that on your criminal record? It’s appalling.

    Anyway, still enjoying the show, and I know it’s eventually gonna end, but I reckon there’s still a mass of material to run a follow up show on what’s still banned or cut today, it’s actually quite hard to find all the details of this online. The last horror flick I heard of being totally banned was the Japanese flick Grotesque from 2009 (which I immediately bought just because they banned it haha). But many aren’t even aware that the scissors still lurk out there today – most thinking this was some bizarre quirk of the 1980s. Only yesterday I bought a 3 Disc Collectors Edition of Ichi The Killer, thinking that as it said “collectors” on it, then it must be uncut. But no, it had NINE bloody minutes hacked out of it, and this is a film thats eleven years old now! Turns out, I’ve since learned that ALL UK releases of this film are cut. Disgusting!

    The BBFC/Government treats it’s citizens like kids in the UK. Considering us unable to police our own viewing. I have a collection of over 500 movies on DVD/Bluray and most are 18 certs. I also have children myself. So would I let a child watch anything classed as adult material? Of course I bloody wouldn’t. But even a passed 18 movie isn’t suitable for any child, so they still rely on adults to make sure they don’t see 18 movies. So what is the fucking point of hacking bits out of a film and depriving adults from seeing a it as the director intended if you still need an adults authority to police it? An 18 film should contain everything and anything that a director puts in a movie. No ifs, NO CUTS. It’s bizarre that you can watch beheading videos online (I never have or never will btw) but you still can’t get a copy of the daft film Mikey here from 1992. I mean wtf?

    Anyway, I could go on all night, as it’s a subject close to my angry heart. But if you’re ever in Belfast drop in and we can have an UNCUT movie marathon on my big plasma with a few beers haha 😉


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