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One thought on “Video Nasties Podcast – Cannibal Apocalypse

  1. I just re-watched “The Beyond”. I watched this DVD when “Grindhouse” put it out. I thought it was just ok. My re-watch was more enjoyable. Perhaps I knew better not to get fussy about plot holes. I just sat back and let the gloopy gore wash over me. Still like “Zombi 2” and “House BTC” better but I’ll probably come back to this one again. My very first watching of this was a real crap pan and scan VHS,I believe just titled “7 Doors”. Heavy edited. Color washed out. It was a Spanish dub with English subtitles. Bought in the mid-80’s at a outdoor flea market for (I believe a buck). I had no clue it was really “The Beyond”. I remember the spider scene was five minutes longer because they kept showing the spiders walking toward the victim. That version did not show the face being ripped to shreds. I’m so thankful that finding good versions of movies is pretty easy these days.

    Keep up the great work. Look forward to hearing what you thought about the film.

    P.S. You may want to hear this. Great know I like a song by Europe.

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