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3 thoughts on “Video Nasties Podcast – The Beyond

  1. Hey Chris,
    Here’s what I posted on my Facebook:
    Re-Watched Mario Bava’s (1971) “Bay Of Blood”. My original watching of this one was when this came out in a Mario Bava Box Set in ’07. People often say it’s the blueprint for 80’s slashers. “Friday The 13th Part 2” rips some murder scenes from this movie. I thought Bava’s (1964) “Blood & Black Lace” was considered the first Slasher. It’s been a long while. I’ll have to revisit that one. I remember being pretty disappointed by my first watch of “Bay Of Blood”. The who’s killing who and why was sort of lost on me. I can’t say I still fully understand. All you really need to know is that there is some nice lakeside land that different people want to own. Murdering anyone who could get in the way is why bodies are piling up. What I really love about Bava is he usually gives extreme detail to use of color and gorgeous visuals. I think that it is lacking in this one. It’s not devoid of direction, It’s just missing that Bava flair. I think the movie is much more tongue in cheek then I original thought. The ending is bonkers. It actually made me wonder if this whole film was a message about violence in film. Since I know Bava’s body of work I doubt it.

    I would also wish to turn people on to the great Mario Bava Box sets put out by Anchor Bay. Vol1 and 2 are must haves. Tim Lucas’ commentary for the films are among the best.

    Still having a really rough Winter. Extra long commutes. Wished the podcast lasted another hour. Thanks!

    P.S. Laughed out loud when you played Europe.

  2. P.S.S. “Blood & Black Lace is thought to be the first Giallo not the first slasher. Also put the movie back in to try and figure out who was killing who. Maybe it’s a bigger mess then I thought.

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