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One thought on “Evilspeak trailer

  1. Hey Chris,
    This is from March 26th post on FaceBook.
    Watched 1981 video nasty staring Clint Howard called “Evilspeak”. Orphaned Stanley Coopersmith (Clint) is the whipping boy of a military academy. Most of the teachers hate him. All the students hate him except for Dwayne from “What’s Happening”. The main bully Bubba (played by Bob from “That 70’s Show”) makes Stanley’s life absolute hell. Stanley finds a Satanic book and with help from a (1981) computer gets a bit a help from Demonic forces.

    I liked Clint. He played a likable sad sack quite well. I was routing for this movie but, It just fell flat for me. Once the film ramps up in the gore it’s almost over. It’s not horrible. There just wasn’t enough to hold my interest.

    Interested if you saw the Blu-ray. I watched the YouTube version.
    Take Care,

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