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Reserve your ticket for The Evil Dead screening in Liverpool and you could win a DVD/Blu copy of the Evil Dead trilogy and Bruce Campbell’s autobiography

If_Chins_Could_Kill_CoverJoin the Video Nasties Podcast on April 30th for the screening of The Evil Dead at Picturehouse at FACT in Liverpool and you could win a DVD or Blu Ray copy of Sam Raimi’s trilogy and Bruce Campbell’s brilliant autobiography, If Chins Could Kill: Confessions of A B Movie Actor. lets you pick a film and, if you get enough people to reserve a ticket, host your own screening. For The Evil Dead event to happen 40 people need to reserve a ticket by April 20th. For your chance to win these prizes simply reserve a ticket before April 20th and, if your name is pulled out of the hat on the night, the Evil Dead goodies are yours.

The screening will happen on April 30th at 6pm if enough people register. Along with the competition, there will be a Video Nasties Podcast introduction and a live recording of an Evil Dead special in the bat if you fancy taking part.

Tickets for this event cost £9 and are only available from the website. Terms and conditions below the fold.

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